Dentist- Role, Responsibilities And Their Suggestions

A dentist is the caretaker of your teeth he or she specializes in oral health and is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all oral disease and ensures a glowing smile on your face. Dentistry is a very vast area and has a complete dental team which includes dental hygienist, dental therapist, dental technician and dental assistants, all of them are performing their services and make you clear about your oral problems and suggest remedies and prescribe medicines. They are also termed as dental surgeon and doctors, and all of them have to pass through a four years course of undergraduate studies to completely specialize in the particular field.

Dentist is the key to unlock perfect oral fitness and regular visit to your dentist is very essential. This is important to keep oral health and teeth functioning properly and to prevent the risk of other bad and serious diseases they may prolong to serious conditions. Experts suggest that every single individual have to visit his or her dentist frequently every 6 months because dentist is the person who ensures perfect dental health. It is recommended on the ground that even the minute dental infection can lead to serious health problems. In actual, a dental problem may also be an indication of other serious health problems like HIV, diabetes, and some other severe infections. Apart from this, Oral health also adds charm and beauty to your overall personality because smile is the way to spit out your inner confidence and pleasure.

Dentist plays an important role in our life and the role of dentist changes from day to day because the patient comes with different problems and dentist has to treat them. Though some dentist specializes in one particular field while the other select general dentistry. Whenever you have a chance to visit a dental clinic you will be shocked to see at one hour dentist is busy in removing teeth while at the very next hour he/he is planting teeth and at the other movement he/she is busy in instructing patients about various oral cares.

The very basic role of a dentist is to treat and diagnose the teeth related problems involving mouth, gums, and teeth. They also carefully examines the X-rays properly fill the cavities, perform root canal treatments, strengthen teeth, extract and plant the teeth as per needed and also gives proper instructions regarding brushing and diet. Sometimes dentist also serve as an administrative when he/she has to hire or fire the staff like technicians, computer operators, receptionist, and hygienist.
Dentist suggests some common tips for general people to maintain their teeth and to avoid the risk of other serious diseases.

  • Brush your teeth regularly twice a day to maintain the functionality of teeth. Use proper motion and change your teeth brush habitually.
  • For keeping mouth fresh and clean make use of mouthwash especially containing fluoride. Fluoride is essential for killing and preventing bacteria causing plague and another gum disease.
  • Eat healthy mainly enrich with calcium, vitamins, and iron. You can also use calcium and vitamins enrich pills if you feel any deficiency.
  • Make it your habit to floss teeth after brushing as it eliminates debris from gums which may cause some problem in cavities.

Finding an intelligent and skilled dentist is a great achievement because oral health is a sensitive issue and it can’t be ignored easily. No doubt, the dentist is no dearth but the main point is finding the perfect dentist who is entirely responsible for your oral fitness without making holes in your pocket. New innovations in dentistry are on its way and it definitely cast a good change in this field.