Invisalign: Benefits Over Conventional Retainers And Braces

A couple years ago, people with misaligned teeth had no other option than to wear obtrusive devices to have their teeth straightened. However, after significant advances in dental technology, people can now straighten their teeth and create a beautiful smile without looking awkward or having difficulties in performing normal oral functions. Invisalign is a huge leap in terms of treating misaligned teeth or malocclusions. Due to the transparency of the materials used, Invisalign offers a far better solution. There are a couple of benefits patients will get out of choosing Invisalign. Calgary residents choose Invisalign because of the following benefits:

Invisalign Use Often Goes Unnoticed

Due to its remarkable clear material, Invisalign will likely go unnoticed by many people. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign offers the same advantages in terms of treating crooked teeth without the obtrusive nature of metal-based braces and aligners. It’s also a confidence booster, knowing that other people won’t notice a difference in the user’s smile – except for the straighter teeth.

Cleaning Is Super Easy

Invisalign aligners are removable and can be cleaned without special equipment. Cleaning takes just a fraction of the time compared to traditional braces. The trays can be detached from the teeth and cleaned with a normal toothbrush and replaced after rinsing. Bits and pieces of food trapped in the aligners can easily be taken out quickly, unlike normal braces where there are a lot of hard to reach areas.

Confidence Is Ensured

Having braces definitely has a huge impact on a person’s confidence and how they speak or smile. Losing confidence is a major drawback with conventional braces. Aside from the fact that the physical oral appearance is changed, speech will also be slightly impaired. Invisalign, however, will not lower a patient’s confidence but increase it instead. Being nearly invisible, Invisalign will apply enough pressure to the teeth, allowing it to form to the desired shape with not drawbacks at all.

Ease Of Use

Unlike fixed braces, Invisalign can be removed at any time without the need to set an appointment with the dentist. The aligners can be taken out immediately and replaced after cleaning. It’s quite convenient, thanks to the easy removal. Users will be able to speak naturally and attend job interviews with ease, minus the awkward experience of traditional braces.

Invisalign Is Comfortable And Keeps Teeth Safe

The aligners are crafted using high-end computer technology and equipment. Each aligner is made specifically to match the impressions taken from the patient’s mouth. First, the dentist takes out the imprint and sends it over to the technical team where a digital 3D model of the imprint is made. The 3D model is then refined to meet the customer’s specifics and straighten the teeth at the same time. This intricate process makes wearing Invisalign safe and comfortable. Customers can assure that wearing them will be pleasurable at all times. There will be no excess material that can hurt the patient’s teeth or gums.

Food Will Be No Problem

The major concern that patients normally face with conventional braces is the restriction on food. With normal braces, some foods that can stick to the braces or are too hard and damaging are prohibited. However, with Invisalign, Calgary residents are free to eat as they desire with no limit to the type of food. This allows patients to enjoy the pleasure of eating while aligning the teeth as well.